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Clothed in Perma-Glory

26 Oct

But by far, the “open up the Heavens” slogan is one of the more popular mottos of unbelief today, accompanied by obligatory groans, pleas and mournful entreaties. It sounds like a romantic request indeed, but it is an accomplished one. Opening and closing the heavens is not an on again, off again affair. “Last week, when our worship leader hit that one chord on the guitar, the Heavens opened up!” Wow. All we needed was a guitarist I suppose! If Jimi Hendrix had come a little earlier, perhaps Jesus didn’t need to die after all? I don’t deny that you had a good service and that people felt the Glory. But in reality, the Glory of God was already there. You just became aware of it. God’s heavenly presence is not a fleeting, or gradually oncoming thing that is subject to the whim of the congregation’s mood. In fact, the Bible never even says that His Glory is a future-coming thing. It’s already here.

Some people think that one day His Glory – His manifest presence – will cover the Earth as the waters cover the seas. That’s a misquote of Habakkuk 2:14, which actually says that the “knowledge” of the Glory will one day cover the Earth… Instead, read Isaiah 6:3 which says that Heaven and Earth are right now full of His Glory. The Glory is here, but one day the whole Earth will be aware of it!… You will not live a consistent, daily life of open heavens reality if you can’t acknowledge that you are in perma-glory.

John Crowder

Mystical Union, Sons of Thunder, Loc: 2197

You Are What You Believe

15 Aug

Question: If I don’t have a sinful nature, why do I still sin?  1. Maybe you’re an unbeliever. 2. Maybe no one ever told you any of this…

C.S. Lewis once said, “You are what you believe.” If you believe you are still a sinner, you will manifest sin. If you believe you are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, then you are going to manifest righteousness… Faith comes before the manifestation. Believe you’re a sinner; you’ll have sin. Believe you’re righteous; you’ll manifest righteousness. It is all a question of identity.

John Crowder

Mystical Union, Sons of Thunder, Loc: 662

Good News Agent

9 Jul

Jesus went into the wilderness for you. You are not bound by good seasons and bad seasons. The bondage of the seasons has been broken. You now live in an eternal year of favor… The sons of Issachar needed to know the times and seasons of the Lord, because men were under a Levitical order… There is no longer a dry season for you. You can call every single year the year of the favor of the Lord!… The world may be going to hell in a hand basket, but that is not your portion. Ten thousand may fall at your side, but it won’t affect you. You’re a good news agent.

John Crowder

Mystical Union, Sons of Thunder, Loc: 3133

Packin’ Heat

11 Jun

Paul told the Colossians that in Jesus Christ, the whole fullness of the Godhead lives in bodily form (Col. 2:9). That means Holy Spirit was in Jesus; the Father was in Jesus; and of course, there was Jesus Himself… Your mystical union with Christ fills you with the entire Godhead… If you started to actually believe how much heat you’re packing inside of you, you could change the world in a single day.

John Crowder

Mystical Union, Sons of Thunder, Loc: 1048

Feasting on Jesus

17 May

Another big catch phrase today is “get hungry.” You have to get hungry for God. How can I do that, when I’ve been feasting on the Lamb? God doesn’t want you to be hungry. He wants you to be fully satisfied. The admission of hunger is an admission of lack. A hungry child is a sign of bad parenting. It is an assertion that Christ’s sacrifice was not a good enough meal for you.

John Crowder

Mystical Union, Sons of Thunder, Loc: 2173

Seeking, Schmeeking

19 Apr

You will never hear us talk to believers about seeking God. Jesus said seek and you will find. Period at the end of that sentence… When you got saved, you found the Kingdom He told you to seek. make such a virtue out of seeking. We think that God is somehow impressed when someone is “hungry” for spirituality. Even if that hunger is completely misguided, we think that it is still somehow noble to be a seeker. “Joe does a lot of drugs and meditates to the Dalai Lama everyday. At least he’s a seeker!”

Jews are seeking. Muslims are seeking. Seeking is still human effort. We have a wealth of seeking language. Very little finding language in the church… Christianity is the only religion that can scandalously boast that we are no longer seeking, but have confidently laid hold of God. It seems such an arrogant boast! I have all of God! This is the stumbling block of the ages.

John Crowder

Mystical Union, Sons of Thunder, Loc: 2140

Grace Plus Nothing

9 Apr

To add one thing to Jesus’ death – one minor thing like the removal of foreskin – throws you right out of the realm of grace. You are not allowed to lift the slightest finger to affect your own holiness. You can’t have it both ways. Either Jesus perfects, sustains and completes you – or else you have to do the whole thing on your own. Paul said, “Again I declare to every man who lets himself be circumcised that he is obligated to obey the whole law” (Gal. 5:3).

For this reason, we should cringe and shudder with disgust when someone says, “Yes, Jesus’ work was enough. But we still need to position ourselves. But we still need to appropriate it.” Anytime you hear someone say the word “but” after mentioning Christ’s cross, the next words from their mouth will always be a fairy tale… Disciplines such as prayer, communion, etc. are modes of enjoying God, not methods of appeasing Him.

John Crowder

Mystical Union, Sons of Thunder, Loc: 2749


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