A Map or a Tour Guide

28 Mar

In reality, the Bible is a closed book. Anything I can get from the Word without God will not change my life… When I treat the Bible as a road map, I live as though I can find my own way through my own understanding of His book. I believe this perspective of scriptures actually describes living under the law, not living under grace. Living under the law is the tendency to desire a list of preset boundaries, and not a relationship. While both the Law and Grace have commandments, Grace comes with an inbuilt ability to obey what was commanded. Under Grace, I don’t get a road map… I get a tour guide – the Holy Spirit…
Revelation that doesn’t lead to a God encounter only serves to make me more religious. Unless Scripture leads me to Him, I only become better equipped to debate with those who disagree with my way of thinking… How can I protect myself from the pride that comes from knowledge, even when it’s in the Bible? I must be certain that it takes me to Jesus!

Bill Johnson

When Heaven Invades Earth, Treasure House, 2003, 93-4

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