Righteous, Healthy, and Prosperous

2 Jun

I’ve changed. I know now that I’m not the sinner trying to become holy. I am the righteous whom Satan is trying to make unholy. I’m not the sick trying to get well. I am the well that the devil is trying to make sick. I’m not the poor trying to be prosperous. I am the prosperous that the Enemy is trying to make poor. This is a totally different attitude and mindset. But I’ve found it much easier to fight from the position of victory than to try to fight to obtain a position of victory. It’s infinitely easier to release something I already have than to go get something I don’t….

You’re starting from a position of defeat when you say, ‘I’m sick right now, but I’m going to seek God and get healed.’ No, the truth is: ‘In Jesus, I’m already healed. In my born-again spirit, I’m already well. I have the same power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead living inside me.

Andrew Wommack

Grace: The Power of the Gospel, 2007, 117-8

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