Grace For Christians

10 Aug

Do you think God would heal an adulterer?… Well I believe if God would save an adulterer, then He would heal one…
If a drunk comes to a service… (it’s) ‘Brother, God loves you.’… But woe to that drunk if he comes back drunk after being saved. God loved him when he was a sinner and drunk, but if he’s born again and he’s still drunk – God forbid! Most Christians would not offer the same kind of unconditional love. Doesn’t something seem inconsistent about that? Grace is not just for the lost. Christians must live by grace too.

Andrew Wommack

True Nature of God, Albury, 2008, 77,78

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  1. jeremypenwarden August 11, 2011 at 6:21 pm #

    Paul the apostle of grace lived by grace [I assume]. Yet he spoke to the Corinthian church about putting out a brother who was in sexual immorality. He wrote strong words against their carnal lifestyle requiring change.

    He wrote Gal 5:19-21 saying that those who practice drunkenness and many other things will not inherit the Kingdom.

    I don’t think Wommack is preaching the balanced message of grace that Paul taught.

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