Mercy and Grace

11 Aug

In his mercy, God extends forgiveness, but grace does much more than provide forgiveness… Mercy doesn’t give us what we do deserve – justice. Grace offers us what we don’t deserve – lavish lovingkindness… We will never be accountable for our sin because Christ took upon Himself God’s wrath against sin. That is mercy. Through Christ we are offered life – joyful, abundant, exhilarating, divine, eternal life! That is grace!

Steve McVey

Grace Walk, Harvest House 1995, 156-7

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  1. Jeremy Penwarden August 11, 2011 at 6:17 pm #

    On justice, I believe that now we do want justice. Our crimes have been paid for. We are co-heirs with Christ. Justice now requires that we receive all the benefits bought for us by Jesus. It would be unjust for God to treat us any other way.

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