You’ve Already Got Everything!

15 Aug

Old Testament principles don’t necessarily apply to New Testament faith. That’s why concepts like ‘getting more faith,’ ‘receiving a new anointing,’ ‘getting more of God,’ and ‘receiving a double portion’ don’t work… Elijah didn’t have the fullness of God. He only had a small part. Therefore Elisha could have twice as much as Elijah. However, John 1:16 reveals, ‘And of his fullness have all we received, and grace for grace.’ Under the New Covenant, we have all received (past tense) His fullness!…

In your spirit, you received the same measure of faith, the same power, the same wisdom, and the same ability as every other Christian. Our spirits are all identical to the Lord Jesus Christ in every way. Your spirit isn’t in the process of growing and maturing because it’s already complete; you’ve already got everything!

Andrew Wommack

Spirit, Soul and Body, Harrison House, 2010, 16-17

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