Win a Limited Edition GraceQuotes Pen!


This competition has now closed. Congratulations to James Wierbe who won!Christmas is just a few weeks away and it’s time to start looking for the perfect gift. Well Jesus is the perfect gift! But if you already have Him and He has you then the next best thing just may be a limited edition GraceQuotes pen.

These spectacular pens are lovingly made by robots in China out of metals and petroleum-based products that have been in the ground probably since Creation. There are only four of these remarkable pens in the whole world. (The robots got tired.) Not 50, not 40, just four! That’s the same number as the number of the gospels in the New Testament! Think of the significance! And one of these special pens could be yours!

“How can I get a GraceQuotes pen?” Well you won’t find them on Amazon or eBay. You won’t find them anywhere except right here at To win one of these pens, simply choose any (or all) of the following avenues to win. The more avenues you choose, the better your chance of winning:

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6. Simply comment below “I’d love a pen!” and let me know what avenues you selected to increase your chances of winning

I will randomly select a winner next Sunday 27 November 2011. Remember – there are only four of these pens in the whole world. Yours could be worth millions!