His Faith Saves You

19 Dec

Scripture concludes that all men without exception are in the same predicament, they are imprisoned to sin; now faith brings the promise of immediate release within everyone’s reach! Jesus Christ makes it possible for all to believe what God believes concerning their righteousness and restored innocence. We were confined to the law, kept in custody to its constraining influence until the revelation of faith would come to our rescue!

The law was acting just like a slave appointed to be the guardian of his master’s children, until they would be of age to go to the proper school of Christ to find in faith their righteousness revealed and endorsed.

Now that we have arrived at our destination, the prophetic road signs and pointers are of no further use. Faith replaced the Custodian. Now that faith has come the law is no longer relevant.

What Jesus Christ believes to be true about you is the final confirmation of man’s redeemed sonship. His faith is the only valid reference to your belief! Whoever is immersed in Christ is fully clothed with him! He is your brand new wardrobe confirming your sonship!

Nothing resembles your previous identity as Jew or Gentile, bond or free, male or female, Billabong or Gucci, now you are all defined in oneness with Christ! He is your significance and makes you stand out!

Paul of Tarsus

Galatians 3:22-28, Mirror Translation

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