Only One Conclusion

9 Jan

Right now the righteousness of God is boldly declared and defined in vivid contrast to the inability of man to do it himself. This restored standing of man is what both the law and all the prophetic writings anticipate and confirm. Jesus is the embodiment of God’s faith in man. The righteousness of God is now on display in such a way that all may believe, regardless of who they are, there is no distinction. The same mass of mankind that was once reduced to an inferior identity through their sin, is now gifted with acquittal on the basis of the ransom paid by Jesus Christ for their liberation. Jesus exhibits God’s mercy. His blood propitiation persuades mankind that God has dealt with the historic record of their sin. What he did vindicates God’s righteousness. All along God refused to let go of man. At this very moment God’s act of righteousness is pointing mankind to the evidence of their innocence, with Jesus as the source of their faith. The law of faith cancels the law of works; which means there is suddenly nothing left for man to boast in. No one is superior to another. This leaves us with only one logical conclusion, mankind is justified by faith and not by their ability to keep the law.

Paul of Tarsus

Romans 3:21-28, Mirror Translation

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