The Abundant Humdrum Life

13 Jan

Act as though you’re dead to sin’s thoughts coming to you. How does a dead man response when you try to stimulate him? He doesn’t! He just sits there!… This is a faith (belief) position taken by the mind and will. God said that I am dead to sin but alive to God in Christ (see Romans 6:11-13), so I will choose to act as if I’m dead to sin by acting as though Christ is living through me in this situation… ‘Gee, Lord, those are interesting bricks on the post office. I wonder how many there are under each window? Yes, there are seven. Isn’t that interesting.’…

You say, ‘Come on, Gillham, what a dumb story! Let’s move on to some illustrations of claiming the abundant life. Get on to the story of when you went to the big meeting at the convention center and saw a guy’s leg grow a quarter of an inch and then everybody swung on the chandeliers.’… The abundant life is being able to spend Saturday morning mowing and bagging grass for your wife without getting resentful over it. That is the abundant life for me. That’s victory over the flesh.

Bill Gillham

Lifetime Guarantee, Harvest House, 1993, 109, 137

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