Zingy Feelings

7 Feb

Unless they can feel something, they have difficulty accepting it as reality. The Word of God never says, however, that anyone will feel saved. It says things like, ‘Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you shall be saved,’ not feel saved… The Lord has no interest in strengthening your fleshly pattern of being controlled by your emotions… At times, He’ll give you all the zingy feelings you can handle, but He will not permit you to build a tabernacle there. Sometimes it’ll feel as though He’s gone to Mars for a summer vacation… But has he left you in those times? No. How could he do that? Your earthsuit would fall over and die if He left, because He is your life. Your job is to keep believing He has everything under control.

Bill Gillham

Lifetime Guarantee, Harvest House, 1993, 146-7

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