Conditional Love?

9 Feb

The ability to achieve is the driving force of the middle class, which explains why this group is often referred to as the ‘working class.’… Motivated by achievement, believers in the middle class have a ‘works’ gospel that puts them to work for God. He has provided them with a ‘good education’ in church and now expects them to be successful workers in His Kingdom. The plans and goals of the middle class church are filled with work and achievements. The more we ‘achieve for God,’ the more successful we are in ministry…

Without trying, we end up with a gospel of conditional love. This creeps into the environment because we are so busy celebrating the achievers that we don’t see how to treat those who are not ‘ringing the bell.’ Eventually everyone understands that God loves us all, but He really loves those who achieve.

Danny Silk

Culture of Honor, Destiny Image, 2009, 141-2

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