Just Like Jesus!

27 Feb

Some may argue that it isn’t we who are righteous, but rather it is only Jesus within us who is righteous. That is a mistake. We have been made righteous by the presence of His life within us. We have a brand new nature – a righteous one!… He created a brand new person – one like Jesus!

Steve McVey

Grace Rules, Harvest House 1998, 52

One Response to “Just Like Jesus!”

  1. Jay Roberson February 28, 2012 at 3:29 am #

    While I like the idea behind this article, Paul opens up a very slippery slope toward self-righteousness! Without continuing to understand that “our” righteousness, something which still exists on our flesh, is still that of “filthy rags,” we easily slip from faith and humility to certainty and self agrandizing.

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