Stay in His Rest

27 Mar

The message of grace is such a pride-busting message! The spotlight is taken off of us and our efforts and is shone directly onto Jesus. We get no glory, while He gets all the glory. We get no credit, while He takes all the credit. This is a revolution, for where man has been prodded and held up and supported in the past, the message of grace holds up nothing but Jesus and His finished work. We are not rebelling against a system, but we are revolting against a dead idea, and serving a living Savior!…

The single most important thing that you will do from now until the day you die is to labor to stay in His rest, even though much of the church will work hard to push you back into works.

Paul White
Revelation to Transformation, WestBow Press, 2011, 74,124

One Response to “Stay in His Rest”

  1. Dawn Switcher March 27, 2012 at 3:27 am #

    So so TRUE!!!! Thank God He is my right-standing!!!!!! His love for me!!!!

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