Saint, Not Sinner

17 Apr

“A sinner saved by grace” – what a pitiful description of a person who possesses the very life of Jesus Christ! God prefers to call you a saint… 63 times in the New Testament. Why would a Christian want to identify himself by the word sinner when Jesus came to save him from his sin?

Steve McVey

Grace Rules, Harvest House 1998, 174

One Response to “Saint, Not Sinner”

  1. febe kuey April 18, 2012 at 1:44 pm #

    Yes, that sinner, the old person died with Christ. I am a new creation who lives in Christ and Christ lives in me. Sinner is no longer my identity, rather it is holy, righteous, blameless, son of God, most of the descriptions of Jesus , describes me now! How crazy is that?!

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