God is Love

26 Apr

God never envies anyone or anything. He never desires to take for Himself what others have. Instead, He longs to give away all He has, and He’s never tempted to take things back because He didn’t get enough attention…

God is never rude. He doesn’t leave anything finished or unspoken. He is incapable of giving anyone “the silent treatment” or playing hide-and-seek when they’re earnestly seeking Him. He makes everything about Himself known and has no desire to keep anything hidden from you. God cannot be self-seeking. He is gratified and fulfilled when you are praised and honored. His eyes are always seeking the best for you, and He’s never worried about what He gets in return. He isn’t provoked easily or ever angered beyond His desire for complete love. He’s not “high maintenance,” and He never wants you to walk in fear of offending or hurting Him. He keeps no record of the wrong things you’ve done because He refuses to call you by the name of your past…

God always trusts you, with His heart doors open at all times, without exception. He always hopes in you because He knows the endless truth of your never-ending story. God always perseveres, proving He is who He claims to be. He stands through the storm and walks through the fire simply to express His love for you. He will never fail you, never fall short, never fall out of love, because He’s made of love, the very source of it all.

Darin Hufford

The Misunderstood God, Windblown, 2009, 208-10.

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