No Christ Impersonators Please

15 Jun

Becoming Christlike is not a process in which we train ourselves to “impersonate” Jesus. Becoming Christlike is the process by which we allow the same essence that motivated and drove Jesus to also drive us in life. It’s the essence of Christ – His character, not His personality or mannerisms.

Elvis impersonators do what they do at a steep price. Many literally lose themselves in the process of trying to become Elvis-like. The sad thing is that none of them has an ounce of Elvis in them. If they did, they certainly wouldn’t be impersonating him in Las Vegas. They would be leading a whole new revolution and inspiring a generation to think for themselves. To be Elvis-like is not to look, dress, act, and sound like Elvis Presley. The inner workings of the heart made him who he was.

People like John Lennon and Jimi Hendrix were “Elvis-like,” in my opinion. Though they never looked or sounded like Elvis, they had the heart and drive of a revolutionary. This is essentially what being Christlike is about: being driven by the same power that drove Christ, namely love.

Darin Hufford

The Misunderstood God, Windblown, 2009, 104.

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