Heir’s Prayer

2 Jul

How can I be grateful if I don’t know what I have been given? And I want to live a grateful life, Lord. I want to give thanks for every blessing, every promise, every gift that you have given me. I don’t want even one to remain unopened. Because if it is unopened, it is unknown. And if it is unknown, it will be unappreciated. And if it is unappreciated, it will be unused. If unused, then I am the poorer, those around me are the poorer, and the world is the poorer. Which is tragic in light of how much wealth has been entrusted me. Forgive me, Lord, for the many ways I have squandered my inheritance, not so much by wasting my inheritance the way the prodigal son did, but by not even knowing what was there to waste.

John Sheasby

The Birthright, 2010, Zondervan, 124

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