Back to the Present

27 Jul

When we’re looking to the future, we’re not listening to the Father. Anything we do to try and guarantee stability on our own terms will actually rob us of the freedom to simply follow him today. We’ll resort to our own wisdom instead of following his. The greatest freedom God can give you is to trust his ability to take care of you each day… You appear to be on the verge of financial ruin, but you’re not. Never let mere appearances become your reality.

Wayne Jacobsen & Dave Coleman

So You Don’t Want to Go to Church Anymore, Windblown Media, 2006, 106-7

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  1. Febe kuey July 27, 2012 at 3:23 pm #

    I’ve been meditating on Colossians 2:11-12 and asking Holy Spirit to show me what it meant for me to be circumcised; to have the flesh stripped/cut off of me. What does that flesh stand for? I felt the Lord say “look” at what happened in the garden. The temptation was to doubt what God said/to be independent from/of him in the decisions we make for our lives both big and small. The inclination and attitude that would say “I can run my own life apart from God” is the flesh–this is what has been circumcised from me/us. Now having been buried with him and having been raised with him in his/our resurrection, we live by every word that comes from him.
    I recently had to make a decision to cut Saturdays from my already diminished work schedule–it would afford time for the three of us to be together, but I struggled because Saturdays were fun workdays and that would be six hours less of pay per week. The reasons were good and made a lot of sense, but more importantly it was what God was saying. I enjoy having Saturdays off to spend with Lily and Perry and the Lord is providing!
    So when he says “do your chores today” (you know that stuff you put off because it’s the last thing you want to do) instead of “playing” I know that there is energy for it today and it will be life-giving to me and my family. He’s invested in my everyday life. I can’t afford not to listen.

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