The Gospel of Power

27 Aug

The church has a clear assignment: we are to exhibit the multifaceted wisdom of God, now!… It is part of the “witness” that turns people’s heads in the same way as the nations were impacted by Solomon’s wisdom… In the same way agreement with the devil empowers His to kill, steal, and destroy, so agreement with God releases God to accomplish His purposes in and through us to the world around us…

The world has longed for a message they could experience. Yet many believers have simply tried to make the good news more intellectually appealing. This must stop! The natural mind cannot receive the things of God (see 1 Cor 2:14). The wisdom of God is foolishness to men. It’s time to be willing to appear foolish again, that we might provide the world with a message of power that delivers, transforms, and heals. This is true wisdom. It alone satisfies the cry of the human heart.

Bill Johnson

Dreaming With God, Destiny Image, 2006: 48-9.

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