The Flame of Love

3 Sep

When you truly love someone unconditionally with all that’s in you, that flame of love inside your heart is God… When you love, He is already living inside you! God. Is. Love… The fire of God is love!…

I have watched parents cry out to God for wisdom and rearing their children. They have lost sight of what to do next. They beg God to lead them to a scripture or a Christian book that will give them the answers they seek. God’s response goes something like this: “Consult the flame.” If you look to the flame of love you have in your heart for your child and consul it, you will know how to act and react. Try it. Discipline will become precise and Godly every time. The flame reveals the inner parts of your child’s heart to you. It shows you exactly what to do in every situation. The problems come because most of us get angry and frustrated and we hide from it. We forget that we love our children…

Husbands and wives pray for wisdom in their marriages. They struggle to the point of divorce because nothing comes. God’s response: “consult the flame.” Look at that spouse you love so much and remember… Christians tell me every day of the week that reading the Bible has become mundane and boring for them. They’ve tried switching translations in an effort to mix the words up a bit, but eventually they find themselves right back where they started. God’s response to this one is also to consult the flame. All scripture must be seen in light of the flame. Without it, it will be dark in your hands. It’s not the Bible that makes the flame come to life; it’s the flame that makes the Bible come to life.

Darin Hufford

The Misunderstood God, Windblown, 2009, 205.

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