The Foundation of Grace

21 Sep

When Paul talked about grace to the Galatians, he wasn’t talking about being born again to non-believers; he was talking to believers, people that were already born again. He said that they had started well in grace, but now they had come under the pressure of people that preached law, who said they had to be perfectly obedient in order to receive God’s blessings…

God’s blessings, healing and prosperity does not come through striving, through our own works of righteousness or through trying to live holy. It comes through being established in the gift of righteousness, the righteousness we first received as a gift when we came into Christ. We can never leave our foundation behind. The bigger we build the building, the more we have to strengthen the foundation, which is grace.

Andre van der Merwe

Grace: The Forbidden Gospel, WestBow, 2011, 99.

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