Let’s Go!

1 Oct

In seeking to preserve your own life you will lose it.  If you are prepared to lose your life for God’s sake, you will find it…  I believe that such a moment comes in the life of every child of God – the moment when God’s purpose for your life hangs delicately in the balance.… 

Fulfillment comes with the realization that you do not have in yourself what it takes.  Death to all that you are in your own inadequacy is the only gateway through which you may enter into the fullness of all that Christ is, so that you may live miraculously in the power of His resurrection, crying from the heart, “Lord Jesus, I can’t but you can, and that is all I need to know – let’s go!”

W. Ian Thomas

If I Perish, I Perish, Torchbearer (1967/1993), 52.

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