Building on Sand

3 Oct

Most Christians are in some way busy searching for revelation in order to renew their mind. But little do they know that they can’t just take new revelation and build that upon old covenant mindsets. New and old don’t mix. Jesus told us that when He said you don’t put new wine (New Covenant) into old wineskins (Old Covenant). If you build new thought patterns on top of old ones, you will end up looking exactly like the majority of the church today: confused, frustrated, Gnostic and with very little, if any power. Jesus taught us that building on sand is not worth the effort, yet that is exactly what people do when they uphold the traditions of men.

Cornel Marais

So You Think Your Mind is Renewed?, New Nature, 2009, 6-7.

One Response to “Building on Sand”

  1. Nancy Crompton October 3, 2012 at 4:50 am #

    Do I hear an Amen ! I was caught in quick sand for so many years being caught in old ways of thinking that had been passed on to me from the church. Having been born again the traditions of men were still being taught and even though I had been taught new things the old were still a part of my shambles of a life. If your life as a Christian does not make sense to you, cry out to God for help and he will bring people into your life to help show you the truth. Thank you, Cornel, for being such a blessing to me.

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