Bigger than His Book, II

8 Oct

I’m thankful I learned to hear God through the scriptures before I found out what the rules were. It’s like being told there are no miracles today. That laughable statement might have gotten my attention many years ago, but it’s way too late now. I’ve seen thousands. To value the scriptures above the Holy Spirit is idolatry. It is not Father, Son, and Holy Bible; it’s the Holy Spirit. The Bible reveals God, but is itself not God. It does not contain Him. God is bigger than His book.

Bill Johnson

Dreaming With God, Destiny Image, 2006: 141-2.

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  1. jash October 9, 2012 at 2:32 am #

    I know I’m nobody..but I still believe that the problem is always the bible interpretation …interpreting bible with human logic…without the Holy Spirit..will only create Pharisees..dead spirit…
    Bible and anointing must always walk side by side…

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