The New Sabbath

28 Nov

The church has deliberately not worshiped on the Sabbath for 19 centuries. Today we have forgotten the reason for this tradition, but the early church knew. They we’re recognizing that God had done away with the old system, the law, and brought in something brand-new: a New Covenant, a new arrangement between God and man where time and place of worship no longer mattered. Every day is a day of Sabbath rest for those who are united with Christ Jesus.

Bob George

Classic Christianity, Harvest House, 1989, 121.

One Response to “The New Sabbath”

  1. Brian Treadaway November 28, 2012 at 3:41 am #

    What great freedom! Worship doesn’t have to happen on a certain day at a certain place. It happens in us wherever we go! Sadly, many churches still teach and preach a building & day approach to relating to God. Countless people view the church building as the temple of God and the day as holy above all others. Jesus came to introduce something much greater than that way of relating to the Father!

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