Tempted into Independence

5 Dec

The object of temptation is always to get us to do something… Satan’s temptations are not designed primarily to make us do something particularly sinful, but merely to cause us to act in our energy; and as soon as we step out of our hiding-place to do something on that basis, he has gained the victory over us.

Watchman Nee

The Normal Christian Life, Tyndale House 1957/1977, 178

One Response to “Tempted into Independence”

  1. Iranloye Sunday July 12, 2014 at 12:57 am #

    This is perfectly true. Whatever is done in our own strength is sin and many times we struggle when all we need to do is be STILL. Being still is one of the hardest for the Christian who is yet to mature, and this is not time-bound, there are some of us who have been converted decades ago that are yet trying to achieve in our own strength. e.g We think God hears us only when we fast, if the fast is not God ordained, it is most likely sinful.

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