Religion vs. Grace

7 Dec

Some say that a tsunami of grace is currently sweeping across the world. If this is so, then one of the signs of this grace awakening will be an increasing emphasis on the short and simple gospel Jesus revealed and the New Testament writers proclaimed.

The gospel of grace is wholly unlike the rule-based religion many of us are familiar with. Religion is complicated but grace is simple. Religion is vague but grace is crystal clear. Religion finds fault and does nothing to help, but the grace of God propels you triumphantly through life’s toughest challenges. Religion will give you a headache and leave you sick and tired, but grace gives strength to the weary and life to the dead. Religion seeks to bridle the free but grace liberates the prisoner and the oppressed.

It is my firm conviction that as more people come to appreciate the beauty and richness of the undiluted gospel, sermons on other subjects will disappear like yesterday’s news. The power of God is only revealed in the gospel, and we have been called to preach nothing less.

Paul Ellis

The Gospel in Ten Words, KingsPress, 2012, 12.

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