“I am the Truth”

11 Jan

In making the ultimate claim—the claim to be truth itself, Jesus was announcing that he was about to re-center the world. The world would no longer be centered around the truth of violence; it would now be centered around the truth of forgiving love… The world desperately needed to be re-centered. It was off its axis. It was tearing itself apart. Humanity had lost its way—humanity had lost sight of God. Confusion reigned. The engines of war propelled human history, and history was being propelled into the outer darkness…

Jesus was remaking the world based on a beautiful new idea… Christ is drawing humanity into a new orbit, an orbit around himself and his redeeming love. All of this is beautiful. It is this beauty that saves the world.

brian_zahndBrian Zahnd

Beauty Will Save the World, Zondervan, 2012, 71, 78-9.

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