Living Authentically

14 Jan

Somewhere along the line, we became convinced we needed to trade relationships of love for strategic management of others. That shift frightened us away from each other. That shift forfeited the only distinction Jesus asks us to be known for: Loving and allowing ourselves to be loved.

Some of the most disingenuous and useless relationships are those where one has an agenda for another’s life, seeing ourselves as scientists seeking a solution for disease in a twisted lab experiment. These people assume some equation of holiness: Four hours of small group study plus thirty minutes memorizing scripture verses, multiplied by challenge, conviction, and demand the subjects sin less and become a more productive church member. What an absolute travesty of what Christ came for!

God wants us to live authentically – fragile believers, learning to trust him and each other in relationships intent on love. He wants us out of hiding, acknowledging each other without performance or quotas. He wants us to experience his power healing us as he releases us into a life worth living. This is the Church. This is the Church in the Room of grace!

John Lynch, Bruce McNicol, & Bill Thrall

The Cure, TrueFaced, 2011, 89.

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  1. Paul Donnan January 15, 2013 at 4:13 am #

    Good post Paul. Thank God for the insight to authentic community John, Bruce and Bill bring to believers. They turn a spot light on something and the reader is touched with the feeling “of course – that’s it”. Though “it” was difficult to articulate until these gracious men put pen to paper. Love it.

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