The Future Belongs to Love

4 Feb

We reject greed, immorality, and domination, not so much because they are “against the rules,” but because the future belongs to love…

We reject the pretentious claims of the principalities and powers that the way the world is presently arranged is the way it has to be. The principalities and powers committed to the status quo say that poverty is inevitable, that war is unavoidable, and the exploitation of the week by the strong is inescapable. But we refuse to acquiesce to all of that. Why? Because we have heard the song of the prophets. We have seen the vision that John saw. We have believed the gospel the apostles proclaimed. We have confessed that Jesus Christ is Lord. We have an imagination inspired by the Holy Spirit, and we believe in the world to come.

brian_zahndBrian Zahnd

Beauty Will Save the World, Zondervan, 2012, 153-4.

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