The Unbreakable Covenant

6 Feb

Jesus, the Son of God, is the covenant in Himself. The representative of God and the representative of the human race meet in this one person, Jesus Christ… The new covenant is not made with us as individuals. It is a covenant made by God the Father with God the Son… The new covenant is out of our hands and beyond our ability to break; it is guaranteed by the Triune God and, therefore, is unconditional and unbreakable… He does not need to enter into covenant with Him; He has no need of any of the promises and blessings of the covenant. In limitless love for us, He has joined Himself to us, never to leave us…
He did not need, as humans do, to swear an oath in order to bind Himself to keep the covenant. The covenant does not make Him what He would not otherwise be but is the means of revealing to us who He eternally is… God who is infinitely reliable, to be counted on at all times, constant, and unchangeable.

Malcolm Smith

The Lost Secret of the New Covenant, Harrison House, 2002, 75-76,121

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