Destiny Happens

1 Apr

I carry these dreams I can’t shake. Dreams of the part I could play to produce great good. I always thought they were from God. I’ve ached for them to be released. But far more often I hurt and frustrate the people and environments I long to bless. It’s as if nobody but me can see the dream and there are insurmountable obstacles at every turn. I may blame others, but I’m pretty sure most of the obstacles have to do with me. I’m not even sure what I’m doing to sabotage my efforts. I just do.

Destiny is what happens when those God-given desires, mixed with my particular gifting, are allowed to be healed, matured, and released to freely give away… Our destiny is always about loving others, all being prepared to love others.

Lynch et alJohn Lynch, Bruce McNicol, & Bill Thrall

The Cure, TrueFaced, 2011, 100.

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