Have An Eternity Perspective

8 May

You see, it’s not your problems that are the problem; it’s the way you see your problems and the value you place on them that makes them a problem. Paul said all his afflictions were but for a moment. That was saying they were short-lived compared to eternity. Paul put everything into the perspective of eternity.

Andrew Wommack

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One Response to “Have An Eternity Perspective”

  1. jeremypenwarden March 22, 2011 at 8:24 pm #

    Sorry Paul, but in isolation this quote is silly. By definition my entire life is short-lived compared to eternity. The quote would seem to imply that we bear with our afflictions since they insignificant.

    Paul never did that. He overcame his afflictions.

    I don’t see scripture for putting everything into the perspective of eternity. I do see scripture for bringing eternity in this present life.

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