The Greatest News in the World

15 May

Preaching the Gospel, we are announcing the news of the revelation of who God is and how He feels about us. We stand on the street corners of the world shouting the news that God is not the way we thought He was – He loves us!… This is the greatest news in the world…
The love of God… is the magnetic north of truth by which we fix our position as we stumble lost in the wilderness of the world… To know that His love for us depends on Him and not on us is the beginning of the way out of our futile, meaningless lives and religious despair.

Malcolm Smith

The Lost Secret of the New Covenant, Harrison House, 2002, 57,62

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  1. andreea ile March 24, 2011 at 8:09 am #

    These words spoke deep down in my heart! I lived without His love and i could never return to that. Now i’m living in His love! Thank you for what you are doing! It encourages me on my walk with the King! May you be wonderfully blessed!

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