Don’t Ask Christians to Surrender

5 Jun

Unintentionally, we may send the false message that we haven’t been included in Christ’s death when we implore Christians to surrender. ‘Surrender’ means you’re not dead, but you’ve been beaten by an opponent and the odds are totally against you… What we want is not to surrender, but to believe. Christians don’t live primarily by being tough with themselves but by believing God has already done something tremendous!… Nowhere in the new covenant is the word surrender used…

You’re not a stubborn, ill-mannered, nasty son or daughter of God. You’re a rescued and royal son or daughter who wants to live by faith in the One who made you so…

Instead of using ‘surrender’ language, I think Jesus would say something like this: “My wonderful brothers and sisters – I am here for you. I can see that you are fearful, and I can see that you so want to please Me. Then believe Me. You are in Me, and I am in you, just as I have said. Have I not chosen you? Have I not done everything to secure you with Me? Rest, then. Believe Me about yourselves – your worries about Me are over. You are not unclean – I have seen to it. What are you looking to do to yourselves that I have not done? What do you find insufficient? The Holy Spirit, who lives in you, will happily provide all that you need – He will see to everything. Trust Me, trust what I have done for you, and you will find rest for yourselves. I will see to it.”

Ralph Harris

God’s Astounding Opinion of You, Harvest House, 2011, 39-41

2 Responses to “Don’t Ask Christians to Surrender”

  1. Lisa L April 11, 2011 at 2:24 pm #

    Yes, I agree!!!! The word “surrender” implies God is an enemy of sorts. Yet He said “call me friend”. He comes alongside us with His tender voice as you describe. That’s been my experience, although for years it wasn’t the case.

  2. Earl Vordenberg June 5, 2013 at 3:31 am #

    I agree,my problem is i want to fix it myself,so surrender is usually the terminology i have to use.

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