Scared of Sinners?

12 Jun

When we are afraid of other people’s sin, it makes us crazy in the presence of sin…. Then we project onto God the idea that He’s just as afraid of sin as we are. But what exactly is God afraid of, anyway? Nothing…. He is the love. If you aren’t feeling the love when He’s there, something’s wrong, because that’s Him – love! When you’re feeling fear, that’s not Him.

So we have to decide – what partnerships are we going to make when we’re in the presence of sin? This was the thing that made Jesus look like a genius. Jesus could come in and out of sinners’ lives. He’d walk into a bar with the harlots and the thieves and go, ‘Hey guys, how you doin’? Hey, there was this rabbi, this priest, and this Baptist preacher.’ And those people loved Him! They were going, ‘I don’t know who that guy is, but I love Him, love Him, love Him!’

But the Pharisees were more like, ‘Here, leper. Ring this bell whenever you come around, because you scare me. Uh-oh, a woman on her period. Uh-oh, dead people. Where can we hide? Where can we go? Let’s go in the temple. Don’t sweat on me, don’t you sweat on me!’ Jesus had the love thing down, but the Pharisees didn’t have a clue. So in the presence, the Pharisees were afraid, but when Jesus was in the presence of sin, He was the solution, the remedy. He was powerful.

Danny Silk

Culture of Honor, Destiny Image, 2009, 79-80

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  1. Earl Vordenberg June 13, 2013 at 7:46 am #

    funny thing about fear,when I experienced the full acceptance of God,any fear of sin or sinners or rejection left,and now as I move on to any remaining identity problems,and discover that all my identity I have is in Christ, Were else would it be? beyond him there is nothing,and if i cry independence,I also lose,because without him I am nothing..soooo,no matter what anyone says or thinks,or no matter what you think,or no matter what you hear in your head,and we know who that is,once God gives you the revelation of who you are,look out world, you feel like charging hell with a water pistol and bring a few back with you…Do yourself a favor though ,wait on the Lord.

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