Waiting in Galilee.

23 Aug

On-and-off salvation never appears in the Bible. Salvation is not a repeated phenomenon. Scripture contains no example of a person who was saved, then lost, then resaved, then lost again… Trust God’s hold on you more than your hold on God… “All of you will stumble,” Jesus told them. Fall away. Turn away. Run away. Their promises would melt like wax on a summer sidewalk. Jesus’ promise, however, would stay firm. “But after I have been raised, I will go before you to Galilee” (Mat 26:32). Translation? Your fall will be great, but my grace will be greater. Stumble, I will catch you. Scatter, I will gather you. Turn from me, I will turn toward you. You will find me waiting for you in Galilee.
Max_LucadoMax Lucado

Grace: More Than We Deserve, Better Than We Imagine, Thomas Nelson, 2012, 133-5.

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  1. Nancy August 23, 2013 at 5:13 am #

    This is the Gospel that the world needs to hear and wants to hear; not the gospel that has so many strings attached. Do people still have ears to hear this Gospel? Or are their hearts so hard and cold and angry as a result of hearing the wrong gospel and not experiencing the love of Christ through his people. Legalism has been the experience of so many people including myself, so much so that I became what Jesus had saved me out of. So many Christians need to hear and understand the truth let alone all those who have yet to make a motion toward Christ. The true Gospel is the only Gospel; the Gospel of grace through faith.

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