A Beautiful Story

6 Sep

Christianity is a story. It is a meta-narrative. It is a grand over-arching story that enables us to make sense of human history. It is the story of how God is setting right a world gone wrong and doing it through Jesus Christ. It is the story that starts with Creation in Genesis and takes us all the way through to new creation in Revelation. It is a story with Jesus Christ at the center of it…

The end of the Christian story is beautiful. It is the beautiful “they lived happily ever after” culmination we long for. It’s the true hope that myths and fairy tales allude to. It is restoration, new creation, the New Jerusalem, and all things made new. This is what we mean when we say Christianity is eschatological. The end is important, because it determines how we should act within the present as we head toward an appointed future. So we must be absolutely clear about this – the eschatological hope of Christianity is restoration and new creation. But the end of the story the Bible tells is an end that has been inaugurated.

brian_zahndBrian Zahnd

Beauty Will Save the World (2012), Zondervan, 133-4.

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