The Old Lawyer vs The Great Advocate

11 Sep

Satan is a very old lawyer, he has been in the profession for many centuries, and he knows how to raise all manner of quibbles and difficulties, and he can argue and reason in a very crafty fashion; so, your best plan is not to answer him at all, except just to say, “I have put my case into the hands of my Great Advocate, the Lord Jesus Christ. If you have anything to say, you must say it to him.”

CH Spurgeon

Sermon No. 2883, 236

One Response to “The Old Lawyer vs The Great Advocate”

  1. hdsittler January 7, 2013 at 9:09 am #

    Yes this so true. The devil has his voice talking and condeming us all the time. He is a lair when ever we say that we are forgiven. He the devil is allways talking to me. To say that I am note forgiven. Thank you for saying that he has centuries of practice ,but I know that GOD has fogive ME.

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