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Kingdom Colonies

23 Oct

Christians should work harder toward establishing colonies of the kingdom that point to our true home. All too often the church holds up a mirror reflecting back the society around it, rather than a window revealing a different way. If the world despises a notorious sinner, the church will love her. If the world cuts off aid to the poor and the suffering, the church will offer food and healing. If the world oppresses, the church will raise up the oppressed. If the world shames a social outcast, the church will proclaim God’s reconciling love. If the world seeks profit and self-fulfillment, the church seeks sacrifice and service. If the world demands retribution, the church dispenses grace. If the world splinters into factions, the church joins together in unity. If the world destroys its enemies, the church loves them.

That, at least, is the vision of the church in the New Testament: a colony of heaven in a hostile world.

Philip Yancey

What’s So Amazing About Grace? Zondervan, 1997, 262

Nature, not Behavior

16 Oct

Just like a lost person’s good actions cannot change their sin nature, neither can a born-again believer’s sinful actions change their righteous nature. Many Christians have accepted one side of this truth, but not the other… Your nature doesn’t become corrupted every time you sin any more than your nature became righteous every time you did something holy before you were born again.

Andrew Wommack

Grace: The Power of the Gospel, 2007, 108-9

Afraid of Sin?

9 Oct

For whatever reason, we’ve come to expect that church is a place where there isn’t going to be any sin. It is just not true. If we don’t know how to deal with sin, then we don’t know how to deal with people. We inevitably create a culture of law in order to keep people from sinning. The message of this culture is: ‘Contain your sin within yourself. Don’t show it to me; I can’t handle it.’…

(The Pharisees) were famous for being afraid of sin, largely due to the fact that the only remedy for sin in their day was various degrees of punishment. The fear of punishment ruled their hearts, relationships and culture. Jesus, on the other hand… was not in the least afraid of messes people made in their lives, and letting them happen around Him… Ultimately His love and the way He led people empowered them to rise above their mistakes and issues.

Danny Silk

Culture of Honor, Destiny Image, 2009, 168.

Burnt Out? Good!

2 Oct

How many times have you witness people doing a lot for the Lord, people really ‘on fire,’ only to watch them burn out?… Burnout is all around us… (Burnout means) one kind of fuel has finally been exhausted – burned out – and it’s time for a new kind of fuel altogether. God Himself is the fuel for our lives….
God knows who we have become, so He works to exhaust our singular reliance upon false or insufficient resources (charisma, style, eloquence, talent, strength…) so He can be found and formed in us, becoming visible through us. What’s more exciting than that?

Ralph Harris

God’s Astounding Opinion of You, Harvest House, 2011, 171-2

Quit Trying

25 Sep

There are some believers who may not articulate it, but in their hearts they believe that without Jesus they can still succeed. By believing and acting on this, they fall from the high place of God’s grace (His unmerited favor) back into the law, back into trying to merit and deserve success by their own efforts…
Beloved, let’s learn quickly that without Jesus, we cannot succeed, and if we choose not to respond to His unmerited favor, He will not force it on us… Jesus is waiting for us to come to the end of ourselves.

Joseph Prince

Unmerited Favor, Joseph Prince Teaching Resources, 2009, 24-5

Mr Grace and Mr Law

18 Sep

Mr. Law was a demanding husband who was never satisfied, regardless of how many right things you did. He didn’t just claim to be perfect; he actually was perfect and he demanded the same from you… Mr. Grace is very different. Whatever He wants done, He just does Himself. Any burden He asks you to carry is light… Divorce from Him is impossible. I am one with Him ‘until death do us part’ and neither one of us is ever going to die!

Steve McVey

Grace Walk, Harvest House 1995, 116

The Old Lawyer vs The Great Advocate

11 Sep

Satan is a very old lawyer, he has been in the profession for many centuries, and he knows how to raise all manner of quibbles and difficulties, and he can argue and reason in a very crafty fashion; so, your best plan is not to answer him at all, except just to say, “I have put my case into the hands of my Great Advocate, the Lord Jesus Christ. If you have anything to say, you must say it to him.”

CH Spurgeon

Sermon No. 2883, 236

Out On a Limb

4 Sep

We don’t experience divine intervention until we get out on a limb — that’s where the fruit grows. Most of us are hugging the trunk. We’re afraid to get out there on the limb because we don’t like swaying in the breeze. We want the stability of the trunk. To be fruitful, we have to let go of our security blankets and take a leap of faith.

Andrew Wommack

Article: Lessons from Elijah

The Cross Changed Everything

28 Aug

Sometimes, when I hear the way some preachers preach, I really wonder, has the cross changed anything? The system of being blessed when you do good and being cursed when you fail was already in place before Jesus came. Why are they still teaching that we are under that system today?… Don’t negate the cross of Jesus. The cross of Jesus changed everything.

Joseph Prince

Destined to Reign, 22 Media, 2007, 295

Frustration is Important

21 Aug

We’re prone to pretending, you and I, acting as though we’re capable. But in truth, we’re not. God has not invested Himself in our capability, but His own… He allows and sometimes even causes awful frustration to visit with us… Prolonged frustration and bother don’t happen simply to goad us into good behavior or to teach us a lesson – they keep us from pretending we can do anything apart from Christ… Frustration is the beginning of the end of pretending… That’s why frustration is so important! It keeps us bothered with this world and the stuff we go through every day so we’ll not live by it or for it.

Ralph Harris

God’s Astounding Opinion of You, Harvest House, 2011, 169-170

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