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There is No System

26 Aug

We have either been forgiven (past tense) or we still need to be forgiven. They can’t both be true… There’s no system for getting more forgiveness. There’s no system for getting more cleansing. There’s no system for ‘staying right’ with God. There’s no system for ‘staying in fellowship’ with God. There is no system.

Andrew Farley

God Without Religion, Baker Books, 2011, 197

Proving Our Identity

12 Aug

I never really want to sin… Sinning goes against everything in our being… Now, I know what you’ve heard: sin is the stuff we want to do but aren’t supposed to do. What I’m saying is, that’s wrong. Sin is totally incompatible with who we are, and it’s the last thing we want to do… For the rest of our lives, we’ll continue to prove our new birth, one way or another. We’ll prove it by expressing Christ and being fulfilled, or by sinning and being miserable. Either way, we prove our true identity.

Andrew Farley

God Without Religion, Baker Books, 2011, 165-6

Nature, Not Nurture

29 Jul

Nature and nurture are two very different concepts… Within many churches today, it appears we are emphasizing nurture as the means to spiritual growth. We’re told we should focus on nurture through small groups, personal Bible study, accountability groups, and special events that spur us on to new commitments. Of course some of these things can be helpful. But do you see what I see? The Bible talks about considering ourselves dead to sin and realizing that God has raised us up and seated us with him (Romans 6:11, Ephesians 2:6). In light of these truths about nature, we’re told to not let sin reign and to set our minds on things above (Romans 6:12; Colossians 3:2). This is not nurture talk; this is nature talk!

Andrew Farley

The Naked Gospel, Zondervan, 2009, 186

It’s Not About You

5 Jul

Every Christian I’ve met who believes they can lose their salvation has always given a reason that involves them. What if I commit suicide? What if I get a divorce? What if I stop believing? What if I…? You fill in the blank there, but it’s all the same. Every hypothetical scenario puts ourselves at the center of the equation. But our faithfulness to God is an old-covenant problem that is solved by the new.

Andrew Farley

God Without Religion, Baker Books, 2011, 30-31

Old Testament Faith

18 May

Interestingly, even Old Testament believers were justified by faith alone, apart from the law… Old Testament saints such as Abraham were made right because they put confidence in God and in a coming Messiah (Romans 4:13). Abraham lived long before the law, but he was declared righteous. So being right with God never had anything to do with the law.

Andrew Farley

The Naked Gospel, Zondervan, 2009, 44