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A Severe Spanking

13 Feb

(The Law) was not God’s list of steps one through ten thousand of what you must do to be right with Him. It was God’s list of all you have done wrong, proving that you can never be right with God unless He provides another form of payment. It was not to set you free. The Law was to bind and destroy you. It was a severe spanking for the whole human race to turn us from sin and self-salvation.

Andrew Wommack

Article: The True Nature of God

Not Too Bright

24 Jan

Many people wrongly assume that the devil is all-powerful and all-knowing. Functionally, they believe that Satan is more faithful than God! They aren’t sure if the Lord will answer their prayer, even if they do everything just right. But they’re absolutely convinced that the devil will devour them if they do even one little thing wrong. They think the devil is always there and never misses a trick… We give the devil too much credit…

It’s very possible that the devil missed it in Daniel 9. Perhaps he was out licking his wounds, sulking and pouting, and misjudged how dangerous Daniel was. Maybe Satan was on vacation. Maybe he was tired and sleeping. We give the devil too much recognition. Anyone who fights against God sure isn’t bright.

Andrew Wommack

You’ve Already Got It, Harrison House, 2006, 88

Grace Plus Faith

28 Dec

Jesus hasn’t saved, healed, delivered, or prospered a single person in the last 2,000 years. What God has provided by grace 2,000 years ago now becomes a reality when mixed with faith. Faith appropriates what God has already provided. Faith doesn’t move God; He isn’t the one who is stuck. Faith doesn’t make God do anything. Grace and faith work together, and our part is to accept what God has already done.

Andrew Wommack

Article: Living in the balance of grace and faith

Shoot Him Again!

19 Oct

When I minister healing to someone, I’ll pray for them two, three, four, or more times. I don’t care! I’m willing to pray for them until I rub all the hair off of their head! However, I’m not going back to God and saying, ‘Father, it didn’t work the first time. Let it work now, please!’ No! I believe it happened because God is faithful. He gave, but something’s wrong with our receiver. So I work on it. If the devil withstands one dose of the Holy Spirit, I’ll shoot him again! Just like Jesus did with the blind man of Bethsaida (Mark 8:22-26), I pray until I see the answer manifest. You need to get this attitude that God is faithful and He’s already met your need before you ever had it.

Andrew Wommack

A Better Way to Pray, Harrison House, 2007, 125

Future-Proof Prayer

10 Oct

If you were asked to write a prayer that believers two thousand years from now would be able to read and benefit from, what would you pray? Based on my experience with thousands of people, the average Christian today would say, ‘O God, I ask You to pour out Your spirit on that generation. Send revival and move in a mighty way! O Lord, do a new thing on the earth in that day!’ Basically their whole prayer would be, ‘God, do something!’ Paul (in Eph 1:17-19) prayed just the opposite!

Andrew Wommack

You’ve Already Got It, Harrison House, 2006, 23

Lazy Theology

4 Oct

The slickest deception Satan has ever put across, primarily through the church, is to get people to embrace his work as the work of God. In my estimation, this is the worst doctrine in the body of Christ. If you really believe God controls everything, why do anything? Why pray? Why study the Word? Why resist? Just eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow you die, and whatever God wills will happen.

Andrew Wommack

Article: Killing Sacred Cows

Pray With Faith

27 Sep

Pray according to God’s Word, understanding who you are and what you have in Christ. Don’t start petitioning Him from a place of unbelief, opposite the Word, saying, ‘Lord, I’m dead. There’s nothing good in my life. I’m lifeless.’

Instead, say, ‘Father, I thank you that I do have resurrection life inside of me. The doctor says I’m dying. There’s death working in my body, so I’m drawing out Your life which is in me. I thank you that it’s done. Now, I take my authority and speak. I command sickness to leave and healing to manifest in Jesus’ name.’

Andrew Wommack

You’ve Already Got It, Harrison House, 2006, 40