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Not His Fault

14 Jul

He does not control everything that happens to us. There are forces in operation in this earth because of the place given to Satan and his human followers… God’s will is going to manifest eventually…

People who believe nothing happens except what God ordains get violently upset when I start preaching this! But I can’t understand why they get so upset. If nobody could do anything except what God ordained, then I couldn’t be teaching this unless God ordained me to teach it.

Andrew Wommack

The True Nature of God, Albury, 2008, 69


Righteous, Healthy, and Prosperous

2 Jun

I’ve changed. I know now that I’m not the sinner trying to become holy. I am the righteous whom Satan is trying to make unholy. I’m not the sick trying to get well. I am the well that the devil is trying to make sick. I’m not the poor trying to be prosperous. I am the prosperous that the Enemy is trying to make poor. This is a totally different attitude and mindset. But I’ve found it much easier to fight from the position of victory than to try to fight to obtain a position of victory. It’s infinitely easier to release something I already have than to go get something I don’t….

You’re starting from a position of defeat when you say, ‘I’m sick right now, but I’m going to seek God and get healed.’ No, the truth is: ‘In Jesus, I’m already healed. In my born-again spirit, I’m already well. I have the same power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead living inside me.

Andrew Wommack

Grace: The Power of the Gospel, 2007, 117-8

God Loves Hicks!

9 May

People who are foolish, base, or despised in the eyes of the world – who don’t have natural talent or ability – are the people who trust in God the most. They haven’t got anything else to trust! The reason God doesn’t often use the mighty is because they must quit trusting in themselves first….

God often uses country hicks to preach the Gospel for that very reason. I guarantee you, when you’re a hick from Texas like me, then you know it’s got to be God on your behalf or you haven’t got a chance. And there’s freedom in that!

Andrew Wommack

True Nature of God, 2008, 98-99

What’s the Key?

14 Apr

The key to the Christian life is the renewing of the mind. When you were born again, your spirit changed – but your natural mind didn’t. It remained unrenewed. You don’t need more of God in your heart. You already have all of God there. Everything you need is already in your born-again spirit – the life of God, the faith of God, the joy of God, the peace of God, the anointing of God, and everything else that’s of God – but it’s only going to manifest itself in your life to the degree you renew your mind.

Andrew Wommack

Grace: The Power of the Gospel, 2007, 91