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Be Perfect

18 Jul

The perfection that Jesus is telling us to be can mean no less than that we are to be filled with the perfect nature of the Father. Just as He is, so we are privileged to be… The word perfect means ‘to be complete, lacking nothing from purpose, finished.’ Being a Christian means that you are in Christ. We are in perfect union with Him; this is what you and I were created for. This is Christian perfection – to be one with Christ, who is infinitely perfect. That is our purpose, our finish line, and our completion. The shocking truth that we discover in the Gospel is that Christ has already run that race for us while we weren’t looking, and has won!

Benjamin Dunn

The Happy Gospel, Destiny Image, 2011, 101-3

The Joyful Scandal

1 Jun

The true stumbling block is the ease of the Gospel… The word for ‘stumbling block’ is skandalon in Greek. It is where we get the transliterated word scandal… The cross is the divine scandal!… The scandal is that though your sin was great, God’s love was greater. You might conclude that you should bring an offering for your acceptance with God, yet Christ has beaten you to it. That’s the scandal. It is a scandal of love. We couldn’t provide a sacrifice, so God provided one for Himself – in Christ. We couldn’t climb to Heaven, so Heaven came to us – in Christ. In Christ we see the grand display of the heavens invading earth. This scandal is designed to make you blush. Its intention is to make every cell in your body scream with thanksgiving and joyful praise.

Benjamin Dunn

The Happy Gospel, Destiny Image, 2011, 86-88

Throwing Hugs

8 May

There are some amazing things that take place when you recognize your union with Christ. You begin to notice that love comes when you least expect it, and flows to the most unlikely of suspects. Instead of throwing insults, you find yourself throwing hugs.

Benjamin Dunn

The Happy Gospel, Destiny Image, 2011, 136

The New Language of Faith

13 Apr

You won’t hear from Paul’s lips some of the phrases that are commonly heard from many Christians. In the New Creation language, you won’t find longing and wanting. You will find endless praises declaring that the waiting and wanting is over. It’s a language and song of blissful fulfillment and ecstatic satisfaction. It is the New Song mentioned in the Psalms and Revelation. It is the song of men made into the home of God, the song of mortals transformed and swallowed by Life…

Isn’t it heart-rending that so many believers don’t know how to speak this language? They are stuck in the undone, instead of floating upon the finished. Some of the phrases of the old language are: ‘I must nail myself to the cross every day.’ ‘I’m just a sinner saved by grace.’ ‘Lord, You saved me but now come and cleanse me,’ or ‘Every day I’ve got to die to my flesh.’ Obviously the list goes on, and for the sheer fact that I hate hearing them, I will say no more of the faithless jabbering. This is a dead language!

Many still speak that old, dead language simply out of ignorance… The new language is the language of faith, which is trust. It’s the language of love, not longing… I ask, if we are not completely satisfied with Christ’s offering on the cross, with what will be?

Benjamin Dunn

The Happy Gospel, Destiny Image, 2011, 128-31

Just Trust Me

31 Jan

Jesus said, ‘Whoever wants to come after Me, let him deny himself, take up his cross and follow me.’… This Scripture is not a call for the self-sacrifice of the disciples or the believer but a call to follow and trust in Christ and His work that He was about to accomplish on the cross… In the most practical sense, Jesus was saying… ‘You boys better stick me with Me; I know what I’m doing. Don’t go running off on your own and getting yourselves into trouble. Just trust Me!’

Benjamin Dunn

The Happy Gospel, Destiny Image, 2011, 92-93

The Red Button

18 Jan

Yes, our God is the happy God! And His message is a message of supreme gladness. He is the Source of all true bliss and happiness; to be near Him is to be near to an atomic bomb of joy! Go ahead… press the red button. You know you want to!

Benjamin Dunn

The Happy Gospel, Destiny Image, 2011, 155

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