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How to Spell Relief

20 Nov

God created humanity with a burning need for love. That’s why you’re sitting there needing love. If you didn’t need love, you wouldn’t need God. In fact, that’s why you were created with needs, period. God is the supreme authority figure who has the market cornered on being able to supply all our needs. Thus, He created a bunch of people who have a ton of needs. This way, some of us would recognize our need and turn to Him through Jesus to get our needs supplied His way. God spells relief J-e-s-u-s.”

Bill Gillham

Lifetime Guarantee, Harvest House, 1993, 18

From Glory to Glory

26 Mar

Needless to say, maturity doesn’t occur in one giant leap, but through a process: ‘But we all… are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory” (2 Corinthians 3:18). Notice it’s ‘from glory to glory,’ not ‘from garbage to glory.’ You are already holy in Christ…

Just as an oak sapling does not get oakier as it matures, neither does a new creature in Christ get holier, more forgiven, more accepted, etc… Of course, a Christian can just as surely ‘walk after the flesh’ and develop character that is completely contrary to his true nature.

Bill Gillham

Lifetime Guarantee, Harvest House, 1993, 202

Already Holy

16 Feb

Are Christians truly a holy people, or are we trying to become a holy people?…

As an oak sapling grows, it doesn’t get any ‘oakier.’ Oak is oak. It simply matures into what it is, a full-grown oak tree… It’s not a ‘from-to’ situation with us. We are a holy people. Now let’s get on with acting like who we are.

Bill Gillham

Lifetime Guarantee, Harvest House, 1993, 181-2

Zingy Feelings

7 Feb

Unless they can feel something, they have difficulty accepting it as reality. The Word of God never says, however, that anyone will feel saved. It says things like, ‘Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you shall be saved,’ not feel saved… The Lord has no interest in strengthening your fleshly pattern of being controlled by your emotions… At times, He’ll give you all the zingy feelings you can handle, but He will not permit you to build a tabernacle there. Sometimes it’ll feel as though He’s gone to Mars for a summer vacation… But has he left you in those times? No. How could he do that? Your earthsuit would fall over and die if He left, because He is your life. Your job is to keep believing He has everything under control.

Bill Gillham

Lifetime Guarantee, Harvest House, 1993, 146-7

The Abundant Humdrum Life

13 Jan

Act as though you’re dead to sin’s thoughts coming to you. How does a dead man response when you try to stimulate him? He doesn’t! He just sits there!… This is a faith (belief) position taken by the mind and will. God said that I am dead to sin but alive to God in Christ (see Romans 6:11-13), so I will choose to act as if I’m dead to sin by acting as though Christ is living through me in this situation… ‘Gee, Lord, those are interesting bricks on the post office. I wonder how many there are under each window? Yes, there are seven. Isn’t that interesting.’…

You say, ‘Come on, Gillham, what a dumb story! Let’s move on to some illustrations of claiming the abundant life. Get on to the story of when you went to the big meeting at the convention center and saw a guy’s leg grow a quarter of an inch and then everybody swung on the chandeliers.’… The abundant life is being able to spend Saturday morning mowing and bagging grass for your wife without getting resentful over it. That is the abundant life for me. That’s victory over the flesh.

Bill Gillham

Lifetime Guarantee, Harvest House, 1993, 109, 137

Acting What is True

25 Oct

Now, what if you would simply act (by faith) as if Christ were expressing His life through your personality and earthsuit to bypass the flesh and speak loving, encouraging, tender words to your wife and children. What if you act (by faith) as if Christ were using your arms to reach out in love by giving them a hug or pat on the back? You would be acting as if Christ actually were your life. You would be acting like something is true that is true, wouldn’t you?

Bill Gillham

Lifetime Guarantee, Harvest House, 1993, 136

What is a Hypocrite?

24 Oct

God’s definition of a hypocrite: Pretending to be what you are not. Satan’s definition of a hypocrite: Acting contrary to how you feel. The devil’s definition of a phony is based totally on the condition of our emotions. If you buy into it, you will never be able to walk in your true identity in Christ!… The majority of counselors major on how people feel, and if their techniques make the counselee feel better, they pronounce him ‘better.’… We determine truth by what God says, not by the state of our emotions.

Bill Gillham

Lifetime Guarantee, Harvest House, 1993, 135

Christ is Your Life

24 Aug

‘When Christ, who is our life…’ (Colossians 3:4). Wow! He is your life! Right now, He is the only life you have. If He were ever to leave you, we’d know it right off, because your earthsuit would fall over dead. Your spirit and soul could not reside in it without His life, because your old life died in Him at Calvary. So much for losing your salvation.

Bill Gillham

Lifetime Guarantee, Harvest House, 1993, 129

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