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A New Day

28 Nov

Not There, Not Here

13 Feb

Many of us have treated the will of God as if it’s unknown or unknowable… God has not kept his desires secret: He wants the reality of heaven to invade this rebel-torn world, to transform it, to bring it under His headship. What is free to operate in heaven – joy, peace, wisdom, health, wholeness, and all the other good promises we read about in the Bible – should be free to operate here on this planet, in your home, your church, your business, and your school. What is not free to operate there – sickness, disease, spiritual bondage, and sin – should not be free to operate here, period.

Bill Johnson

The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind, Destiny Image, 2005, 32.

The Value of Mystery

22 Oct

The request for answers sometimes leads to a rejection of mystery. As a result mystery is often treated as something intolerable, instead of a real treasure. Living with mystery is the privilege of our walk with Christ. Its importance cannot be overrated. If I understand all that is going on in my Christian life, I have an inferior Christian life. The walk of faith is to live according to the revelation we have received, in the midst of the mysteries we can’t explain. That’s why Christianity is called the faith.

Bill Johnson

Dreaming With God, Destiny Image, 2006: 55.

Bigger than His Book, II

8 Oct

I’m thankful I learned to hear God through the scriptures before I found out what the rules were. It’s like being told there are no miracles today. That laughable statement might have gotten my attention many years ago, but it’s way too late now. I’ve seen thousands. To value the scriptures above the Holy Spirit is idolatry. It is not Father, Son, and Holy Bible; it’s the Holy Spirit. The Bible reveals God, but is itself not God. It does not contain Him. God is bigger than His book.

Bill Johnson

Dreaming With God, Destiny Image, 2006: 141-2.

The End of Seasons

10 Sep

God is trying to get rid of our excuse concerning “seasons.” Many have lived in a spiritual winter for most of their lives and called it God’s dealings. The metaphor of the seasons has become an excuse for moodiness, unbelief, depression, inactivity, and the like. It must end… Trees planted by God’s river bear fruit for 12 months of the year.

Bill Johnson

Dreaming With God, Destiny Image, 2006: 176.

The Gospel of Power

27 Aug

The church has a clear assignment: we are to exhibit the multifaceted wisdom of God, now!… It is part of the “witness” that turns people’s heads in the same way as the nations were impacted by Solomon’s wisdom… In the same way agreement with the devil empowers His to kill, steal, and destroy, so agreement with God releases God to accomplish His purposes in and through us to the world around us…

The world has longed for a message they could experience. Yet many believers have simply tried to make the good news more intellectually appealing. This must stop! The natural mind cannot receive the things of God (see 1 Cor 2:14). The wisdom of God is foolishness to men. It’s time to be willing to appear foolish again, that we might provide the world with a message of power that delivers, transforms, and heals. This is true wisdom. It alone satisfies the cry of the human heart.

Bill Johnson

Dreaming With God, Destiny Image, 2006: 48-9.

What is the Question?

1 Aug

Jesus Christ is perfect theology. He is the “…exact representation of His nature” (Heb. 1:3), the ultimate portrayal of the Father. Questions that exist about God’s nature in the Old Testament were clarified in the New Testament. When I teach about God’s absolute desire and provision to heal, I am asked, “What about Job?” I respond, “I’m not a disciple of Job, I’m a disciple of Jesus.” Job’s life helped create the awareness for the need of a savior. Job is the question. Jesus is the answer.

If our study of Job and other Old Testament issues doesn’t lead us to Jesus as the answer, it reveals we never really understood the question. The types and symbols of the Old Testament do not override the clear manifestation of God through Jesus in the New Testament. Any understanding we have about the nature of God that can’t be seen in the person of Jesus, must be questioned. How many people came to Jesus for a miracle and left disappointed? None! He was 100 percent successful as a man dependent on God… He manifested the will of God. And we must not change it to fit our experience. It is time to manifest the will of God again.

Bill Johnson

Dreaming With God, Destiny Image, 2006: 148.

Your Spiritual DNA

29 Mar

God is our Father, and we inherit His genetic code. Every believer has written into his or her spiritual DNA the desire for the supernatural. It is our predetermined sense of destiny. This God-born passion dissipates when it has been taught and reasoned away, when it’s not been exercised, or when it’s been buried under disappointment.

Bill Johnson

When Heaven Invades Earth, Treasure House, 2003, 81

Dead to Sin

15 Feb

It’s easy to see my weakness, my propensity toward sin, and my inability to be like Jesus. Confessing this truth requires no faith at all. On the contrary, to do as Paul commanded in Romans 6:13, to consider myself dead to sin, I must believe God!…

Apart from Christ, we are unworthy. And it’s true that without Him we are nothing. But I am not without Him and I never will be again! At what point do we start thinking of our worth through His eyes?… Wouldn’t it honor Him more if we believed that He actually did a good enough job in saving us, and that we are really saved?

Bill Johnson

When Heaven Invades Earth, Treasure House, 2003, 148-9

Fought and Won

11 Jan

Many believe His power exists only to help us overcome sin… Doesn’t it seem strange that our whole Christian life should be focused on overcoming something that has already been defeated? Sin and it nature have been yanked out by the roots. Many constantly call out to God for more power to live in victory. What more can He do for us? If His death wasn’t enough, what else is there? The battle has already been fought and won.

Bill Johnson

When Heaven Invades Earth, Treasure House, 2003, 110

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