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A Better Question

1 Nov

People often respond to me, “I just can’t conceive of how God can make me righteous.” I reply, “I’ve got a better question. How could God make Jesus become sin?”

Bob_GeorgeBob George

Classic Christianity, Harvest House, 1989, 94.


20 Sep

Ephesians 5:8: “For you were once the darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light.” a good paraphrase would be, “You once were a worm; now you are a butterfly. Fly like a butterfly!”

Bob_GeorgeBob George

Classic Christianity, Harvest House, 1989, 75.

The Gospel for Hookers

5 Jul

Let’s imagine that a king made a decree in his land that there would be a blanket pardon extended to all prostitutes. Would that be good news to you if you were a prostitute? Of course it would. No longer would you have to live in hiding, fearing the sheriff. No longer would you have a criminal record; all past offenses are wiped off the books. So the pardon would definitely be good news. But would it be any motivation at all for you to change your life style? No, not a bit. But let’s go a little further without illustration. Let’s say that not only is a blanket pardon extended all who have practiced prostitution, but the king has asked you, in particular, to become his bride. What happens when a prostitute marries a king? She becomes a queen. Now would you have a reason for a change of lifestyle? Absolutely. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that the lifestyle of the queen is several levels superior to that of a prostitute. No woman in her right mind would go back to the previous life.

As long as half-gospel continues to be taught, we’re going to continue producing Christians who are very thankful that they will not be judged for their sins, but who have no significant self-motivation to change their behavior. That’s why so many leaders have to use the hammer of the law and suffocating peer pressure to keep people in line. But what is the church called in the New Testament? The bride of Christ! The gospel message is in effect a marriage proposal.
Bob_GeorgeBob George

Classic Christianity, Harvest House, 1989, 72-3.

License to Sin

21 Jun

A frequently asked question is, “Will some believers take the message of grace as a license to sin?” I answer it this way: “If their understanding of the gospel goes no farther than the forgiveness of sins – probably yes. But when you understand that Christ not only died for the forgiveness of your sins, but also rose again to come and live in you – absolutely not!”

Bob_GeorgeBob George

Classic Christianity, Harvest House, 1989, 175.

It’s Not About Your Sin

26 Apr

Satan has done a masterful job of keeping the Christian world preoccupied with the thing that God has dealt with once and for all – sin – and ignorant of the thing that God wants us to be preoccupied with – life!

Bob_GeorgeBob George

Classic Christianity, Harvest House, 1989, 59.

The Meaning of Easter

29 Mar

Ask people, “What does it mean to be saved?” and in most cases you will hear an answer like this: “Jesus died for my sins, so there will be a place for me in heaven.” Ask, “What is the significance of Christ’s death on the cross?” People will quickly answer, “He died for the forgiveness of my sins.” Ask, “What is the significance of Christ’s resurrection?” and in my experience you will usually get a dead silence… What is the most obvious implication of the word resurrection? The restoration of LIFE!

Bob_GeorgeBob George

Classic Christianity, Harvest House, 1989, 45.

Only the Humble Receive

18 Jan

The same sun that hardens clay also melts wax. In the same way, the message of God’s grace harden’s the heart of the proud and softens the heart of the humble. “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble” (James 4:6). Why is grace only available to the humble? Because only the humble will receive it. The humble will always find God to be gracious and compassionate.

Bob George

Classic Christianity, Harvest House, 1989, 186.

The New Sabbath

28 Nov

The church has deliberately not worshiped on the Sabbath for 19 centuries. Today we have forgotten the reason for this tradition, but the early church knew. They we’re recognizing that God had done away with the old system, the law, and brought in something brand-new: a New Covenant, a new arrangement between God and man where time and place of worship no longer mattered. Every day is a day of Sabbath rest for those who are united with Christ Jesus.

Bob George

Classic Christianity, Harvest House, 1989, 121.

Who Are You?

9 Nov

A person has no identity apart from his relationship with someone or something else. That’s why we will latch on to practically anything in a desperate need to discover who we are. People will determine their identities through their appearance, occupation, abilities, family relationships, friends, denominational affiliation, and many other ways…

The opinions of other people are a shaky way to determine who we are. Professional athletes strike me as the ultimate example. Make a great play, and people will throw a parade for you. Blow the play and they will likely hound you about it for the rest of your life…

There is only one way to determine your identity that cannot be shaken, one foundation that cannot be taken away from you: “I am a child of God.”… Do you think that if God were introducing you around the kingdom of heaven he would say, “This is Jimmy: the paranoid, manic-depressive schizophrenic”? No! God would say, “This is my beloved son, Jimmy”!

Bob George

Classic Christianity, Harvest House, 1989, 79-81.

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