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The One Nail

18 Dec

I sometimes wonder that you do not get tired of my preaching, because I do nothing but hammer away on this one nail. With me it is, year after year, ‘None but Jesus!’ Oh, you great saints, if you have outgrown the need of a sinner’s trust in the Lord Jesus, you have outgrown your sins, but you have also outgrown your grace, and your saintship has ruined you!

CH Spurgeon

Sermon No. 2207



2 Dec


Full of Love

4 Nov

Faith Works Wonders

25 Oct

Columbus discovered America because he believed that there was another continent beyond the ocean, and the Pilgrim Fathers colonized it because they believed that God would be with them on those rocky shores. Most grand deeds have been born of faith; for good or for evil, faith works wonders by the man in him it dwells.

SpurgeonCharles Spurgeon (1834-1892)

All of Grace, Trinity Press, 2011, 57-58.


Faith and Repentance

27 Sep

These two things act and react upon each other: the man who is forgiven, therefore repents; and the man who repents is most assuredly forgiven. Remember first, that forgiveness leads to repentance… Repentance grows as faith grows… Faith and repentance are but two spokes in the same wheel, two handles of the same plough… Do not regard your repentance is the cause of your remission, but as the companion of it. Do not expect to be able to repent until you see the grace of our Lord Jesus…

SpurgeonCharles Spurgeon (1834-1892)

All of Grace, Trinity Press, 2011, 91-93.

The Old Lawyer vs The Great Advocate

11 Sep

Satan is a very old lawyer, he has been in the profession for many centuries, and he knows how to raise all manner of quibbles and difficulties, and he can argue and reason in a very crafty fashion; so, your best plan is not to answer him at all, except just to say, “I have put my case into the hands of my Great Advocate, the Lord Jesus Christ. If you have anything to say, you must say it to him.”

CH Spurgeon

Sermon No. 2883, 236

Advice to a Vacillating Friend

2 Aug

You must not remain in this state. It will never do to be mean and beggarly to yourself. Stand upright, and look at yourself, and see if you were never meant to be like a toad under the harrow, afraid for your life either to move or to stand still. Do have a mind of your own. This is not a spiritual matter only, but one which concerns ordinary manliness. I would do many things to please my friends; but to go to hell to please them is more than I would venture. It may be very well to do this and that for good fellowship; but it will never do to lose the friendship of God in order to keep on good terms with men.

SpurgeonCharles Spurgeon (1834-1892)

All of Grace, Trinity Press, 2011, 73.


The Faithful Promise-Keeper

31 Jul

If a man has made me a promise, he cannot refuse to keep it on the ground that I am unworthy; because it is his own character that is at stake, not mine. However unworthy I am, he must not prove himself to be unworthy by failing to keep his word. “If we believe not, yet He abideth faithful: He cannot deny himself.” Everything hinges upon the character of the Promiser.

CH Spurgeon

Sermon No. 1938, 8


None but Jesus!

15 Jul

None but Jesus

As Rich as Rich Can Be

26 Jun

Then, if Christ’s poverty be such as I have tried to describe it, what must the riches of his people be? If our riches are proportionate to His poverty, what rich people we are! He was as poor as poor can be; and we, if we are believing in Him, are as rich as rich can be.

CH Spurgeon

Sermon: Christ’s Incarnation, 118

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