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Building on Sand

3 Oct

Most Christians are in some way busy searching for revelation in order to renew their mind. But little do they know that they can’t just take new revelation and build that upon old covenant mindsets. New and old don’t mix. Jesus told us that when He said you don’t put new wine (New Covenant) into old wineskins (Old Covenant). If you build new thought patterns on top of old ones, you will end up looking exactly like the majority of the church today: confused, frustrated, Gnostic and with very little, if any power. Jesus taught us that building on sand is not worth the effort, yet that is exactly what people do when they uphold the traditions of men.

Cornel Marais

So You Think Your Mind is Renewed?, New Nature, 2009, 6-7.

The Tip of the Iceberg

19 Sep

As He is, as Christ is, so are we in this world (see 1 John 4:17). Notice the tense used. As Christ is, so are we. As Christ is, now, at this moment, glorified, seated at the right hand of the Father, having all things placed under His feet already and having received all power and authority, so are we, now, in the world, exactly like Him. He is perfectly righteous, perfectly holy, perfectly sanctified. We are thus also perfectly righteous, perfectly holy and perfectly sanctified in Him through the free gift of His righteousness that came by grace alone through his faith.

These are only a couple of the thoughts God is thinking about you, and they are the same thoughts you would do well to start thinking about regarding yourself. I guarantee you that God has more faith in you that you will rule and reign in this life by the power of His Spirit than you do. Why? Because He knows what He made us to be, and what we are capable of through faith. We are only discovering more and more every day, and this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Cornel Marais

So You Think Your Mind is Renewed?, New Nature, 2009, 16.

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